Alessia Kapsch

Travel Consultant


Alessia recently graduated from university in June 2023 with a degree in Human Relations, specializing in Organizational Development. Throughout her studies, she worked mostly in customer service-based environments, which allowed her to balance academic pursuits with practical work experience. This experience has equipped her with valuable skills in dealing with people and understanding organizational dynamics.


Alessia loves photography and video editing, which have always been passions and hobbies of hers. She is also very much into camping and anything nature-related, such as hiking, that gets her outside. She could honestly walk through a forest for hours and not get bored. Her love for the outdoors and capturing moments through the lens has enriched her personal life and provided her with a creative outlet.

Travel Destination That Has Impressed Her the Most

Banff, Canada, has impressed Alessia the most. She was mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery and the endless hiking options. The majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and diverse wildlife left a lasting impression on her, making Banff an unforgettable destination.

Dream Travel Destination

Alessia dreams of visiting Mongolia. A friend of hers from there has shared many amazing stories about life and the peacefulness of the country. The scenery looks absolutely stunning, and as someone who loves nature and taking in scenic views, she has been interested in seeing it in person ever since. The idea of experiencing Mongolia’s vast landscapes and tranquil environment is very appealing to her.

Favorite Olympic Discipline

Figure skating appeals to Alessia the most. She used to be a competitive figure skater for many years, so it is a discipline she understands very well and loves to watch. The combination of athleticism, artistry, and precision in figure skating resonates with her, and she appreciates the dedication and skill that the sport requires.

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