Daniel Chavez

Travel Consultant


Daniel is a professional with over ten years of experience in the travel industry. He has a diverse background in various sectors, including cruise, quality control, corporate accounts, ticketing, and all-inclusive travel. Daniel’s extensive knowledge and expertise make him an invaluable addition to the ATPI team.

Passion for travel has always been a driving force in Daniel’s life. He pursued his Academic journey by studying Politics and International Geography, as well as earning an AEC in Tourism. His educational background enables him to have a deep understanding of the global travel industry. Daniel’s greatest strength lies in his commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction throughout their journey.

His expertise and attention to detail enable him to navigate the intricacies of travel management, ensuring seamless and hassle-free journeys. Daniel’s ability to listen, understand, and deliver customer expectations sets him a part in providing exceptional service. ATPI is proud to have Daniel on board!


Which travel destination has impressed you the most and why?

Peru with its history, its culture, and its great biological diversity without forgetting one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu that I had the chance to visit twice. The history of the Incas has always fascinated me and what about Peruvian gastronomy which is renowned worldwide. It benefits from the prestige of being recognized as one of the best cuisines in Latin America.


Which travel destination do you dream of and why?

Fiji Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati, or any island in Oceania. This part of the world that the majority does not know always charms me. Countries are very small in that they each have their way of life, language, their customs are all different from each other. My dream would be to visit these countries and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and understand their world of life of each because these islands unfortunately in the future will be destroyed by water because of climate change that we can no longer ignore and the population with be affected.


Which Olympic discipline appeals to you the most and why?

Soccer is the sport that appeals to me the most because I have played it for several years and now I remain a big fan of this sport. Soccer brings a village, a community, and a whole country together during Olympic sports. I really admire the discipline of these professional players.

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