Tandia Huxham

Travel Consultant


Tandia recently graduated from Concordia University, Tandia brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong Academic background in Leisure Science and Recreation, specializing in Management. From a young age, Tandia’s passion for travel has been a driving force in her life. She has been fortunate enough to explore various destinations around the world.

Tandia’s background in team sports has instilled in her the importance of collaboration and motivation in working toward a common goal. Having dedicated 13 years to hockey and played soccer for most of her life, she has developed a strong work ethic, problemsolving skills, and a profound understanding of the value of teamwork. These qualities contribute to her ability to thrive independently while maintaining a strong sense of determination to deliver outstanding results.

Creativity is one of Tandia’s defining traits, and her fun-loving nature makes her a pleasure to work with. Moreover, her recent venture into coaching her former hockey team demonstrates her leadership skills and her willingness to give back to the community that shaped her. Tandia’s dedication to delivering what really matters aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing a seamless travel experience.


Which travel destination has impressed you the most and why?

Honolulu Hawaii, it was always a dream of mine to go and explore the nature and beauty that is Hawaii. As everyone is very laid back it was a very peaceful and full-of-life destination.


Which travel destination do you dream of and why?

It has always been a dream of mine to explore Asiatic culture, so Bali is one of my dream destinations. With its amazing culture and immersive nature retreats, I would love to explore the true beauty that is Bali Indonesia. 


Which Olympic discipline appeals to you the most and why?

Hockey, because I grew up playing competitively and it was always a big dream of mine to eventually make it to the Olympics to play with the best women in the nation. Living on the water was so fun when my dad would shovel a rink out on the lake, and family and friends would come together to play and enjoy a nice hot chocolate in the snow.

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