How to bring your corporate travel programme and sustainability efforts together


It might seem like your corporate travel strategy and your sustainability strategy are at odds, but there is a way to bring to two together…

The good news for travel managers is that corporate travel doesn’t have to be at odds with your organisation’s wider sustainability targets. There is a way to achieve a corporate travel strategy that delivers what your organisation needs while also limiting its impact on the environment.

Before doing anything, it’s important to talk to those closest to your travel programme – your travel managers, bookers and frequent travellers. Gathering their opinions on what kind of changes would make the biggest impact, and importantly be the most achievable, is essential in creating a sustainability strategy that is realistic for your organisation – one that will produce results and fit your company culture.

Download the full guide to find out about carbon offsetting for corporate travel, which questions should be added to your RFP to secure more sustainable travel solutions and what to look out for in travel technology: