Mining & Resources Travel

Global expertise 24/7, delivering safe and efficient crew travel

ATPI Mining & Resources specialises in providing travel for mining organisations. Each of our travel services has been created to meet the complex challenges faced by those operating in the sector, making the movement of crew and personnel across the globe more secure, more compliant and more efficient. ATPI Mining & Resources combines sector-leading travel technology with a wealth of industry experience in order to deliver what really matters to mining organisations around the world.

The benefits of working with ATPI Mining & Resources

Prioritise the safety and wellbeing of crew

Advanced tracking technology, travel-risk heat maps and duty of care expertise guarantees safety and security for every traveller.

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Contain crew travel costs and manage budgets more effectively

Direct access to detailed management information and predictive analytics tools enables you to make more informed decisions and maintain control of travel costs.

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Sector specialists on hand whenever and wherever you need them

Follow-the-sun’ operations mean you can always talk to an expert, no matter how remote your location or complex the challenge.

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Efficiently manage crew changes and wider business travel

24/7 access to everything you need to manage even the most demanding, remote or complex travel, without compromising on compliance or cost.

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What really matters…

Efficient crew management

Travel management tools that streamline complex crew travel

Robust duty of care processes

Keep crew safe and ensure all travel is compliant

Reduced travel costs

Global fare network and shrewd analytics tools put you in control of travel spend

Sector specialist services

An expert team to manage passports and visas, GPS site vehicles and other logistics

24/7 operations

Expert teams in mining hubs around the world offer exemplary service

Sector-specific technology

Travel management tools designed for mining and resource organisations

Certification management

Stay compliant with expert certification management for the mining sector

Work with experts

Consult with experienced account managers on travel policy, strategy and implementation

The mining sector and Covid-19

Supporting the mining sector throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

ATPI Mining & Resources has supported our clients with the continuation of essential business operations throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so as the situation develops. We are continuing to share travel restrictions, travel health and safety guidelines and issue real-time travel alerts in order to keep clients informed and empowered to make the right decisions for their organisation.

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