Andre Martel ATPI Canada

André Martel

Client Services Manager/Project Manager
Montreal office


André has a rich experience of some 30 years in the tourism sector. He has held various positions in the hotel industry, both in operations and commercial services, as well as in tourism representation at Tourisme Montréal, Tourisme Québec in Europe and for the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec, for which he was responsible for the European and North American markets.

André is a project manager at ATPI Canada and works on the marketing of the Olympic Games for the country, specifically in ticketing management.

In addition to everything mentioned above, he worked at the Casino de Montréal as a sales representative, as well as at the Cirque du Soleil where he was responsible for tourism market strategy for touring shows.


Which travel destination has impressed you the most and why? After several stays in Southeast Asia, it was Myanmar (formerly Burma) that was the destination that most dazzled and fascinated me. At the time, the military junta ruled the country that was self-contained. The kindness of the people, the solidarity resourcefulness topped with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit had impressed me as well as the beautiful pagodas and temples, magnificent landscapes and an idyllic beach.

Which travel destination do you dream of and why? See more of Southeast Asian countries that I haven’t visited, such as Laos as well as return to explore areas still unknown in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. These countries are all so different, each has its own history, architecture, landscapes and succulent cuisine!

Which Olympic discipline appeals to you the most and why? The brand-new disciplines we’ll see for the first time at the next Olympic Games, such as surfing, sport climbing and skateboarding.

What do you prefer most in events and why? The “Wow!” moment during the event, the surprise that will create long-lasting souvenirs for the attendees.

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