Monique Voorneman

Marketing Manager


Monique is our Marketing Manager Global Sports Travel & Events, she has a background in the travel, tourism, and aviation industry. Monique has always been drawn to the thrill of exploring new destinations. Whether it’s trekking through remote landscapes, embarking on daring adventures, or immersing herself in different cultures, she seeks out experiences that push boundaries and inspire others to step outside their comfort zones, this also reflects her professional work.

Her expertise and passion for storytelling contribute to the creation of captivating content. Whether through a podcast, an engaging web article, or a visually stunning video. Monique believes in the unifying power of sports and events, recognizing it as a force that brings people together and transcends boundaries. That’s why she loves her job!


Which travel destination has impressed you the most and why?

Last year I visited the island Reunion, in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Reunion is a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognized for its ecosystems and biodiversity. It blends stunning natural landscapes, adventure activities, cultural diversity, beautiful white sandy beaches a warm tropical climate, and beautiful waterfalls. The island’s culture is influenced by French, Indian, African, and Chinese heritage which adds a vibrant and multicultural aspect to the travel experience.


Which travel destination do you dream of and why?

I am planning to visit the Togean Islands in Indonesia, it is a destination that I dream of visiting for a long time. The islands are in the middle of Sulawesi, difficult to reach, with pristine water and rich sea life …a true paradise!


Which Olympic discipline appeals to you the most and why?

Running, because it is a sport that can be practiced by people of all ages and backgrounds. Running events in the Olympics often generate excitement. The sheer, speed, the competition, and the close finishes can create thrilling moments.

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