Tanzer Dumlu ATPI Canada

Tamzer Dumlu

Quality control manager
Montreal office


Tanzer is a senior travel consultant and a liaison between the finance and travel teams, he ensures the accuracy and quality control of all transactions. He strongly manages all GDS systems and travel technologies such as Travelport smartpoint, Sabre, Concur, Certify, and international pricing and ticketing.

Tanzer has more than 25 years of experience in the Travel industry. After working mainly in small local travel agencies, he joined Aimia in 2009 as Senior Agent and Customer Service Supervisor. He was helping frontlines agents with their technical questions and finding solutions for customers travel related issues. 5 years later, he joined Encore Travel as Ticketing and Quality Control Supervisor where he managed maintenance of auto ticketing, Quality Control  tools such as Magnatech and auto commission calculator technologie iFutur. Beside managing travel technologies, Tanzer handled all airline contracts with Corporate discounts and gladly helped VIP clients with their travel request and issues. His last main responsibility was to help the onboarding team with training of new agents with operating systems and tools.


Which travel destination has impressed you the most and why? Jerusalem, for its history.

Which travel destination do you dream of and why? Egypt, I love to see the pyramid

Which Olympic discipline appeals to you the most and why? Equestrian, because the discipline of horses

What do you prefer most in events and why? At the Olympics, for example, different nations and athletes come together in harmony in the name of their passion.

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